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Explore is an app aimed at creating barrier free spaces for the disabled. Living in a city where the needs of the disabled are overlooked - this application aims to change that. 

Currently a concept, I aim to flesh it out into a working prototype.  Bringing it into market as a full fledged app that will bridge a gap in society.

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The challenge

Creating Usable Access

Independence isn't something that you should be fighting for, it should be a basic right. Unfortunately, the society that we live in now does not prioritise this.


Having lived with a disabled person for all my life, I have noticed that the time it takes to find an accessible venue is substantial compared to the actual amount of time spent at the place. 

This led to the creation of this idea, and this application. My overarching goals for this project were to: 

1. Create a database of accessible venues,activities and transport.

2. Raise awareness about the importance of a barrier free environment.

3. Encourage the user to be more independent in their life.

The process

Initial Assessment

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