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April 2021

User Experience Designer

Confidential information has been omitted.

During my time at Boeing, I have been involved in two major projects - Total Airspace and Airport Modeller (TAAM) and ResearchOps. On both these projects, I have been involved primarily as a UX researcher. Additionally, I have also contributed to two major Boeing initatives - the UX Community of Excellence (UX CoE) and the UX Learning Pathways team. 

You can find below a list of tasks I was responsible for on each team:


  • UX Designer/Reseracher for TAAM

  • Creating:

    • Product Journey Maps

    • Customer Interviews

    • CX Surveys

    • UX Strategy for TAAM

    • Design System (for WPF and C# components)

  • Conducting stakeholder Workshops


  • Creating service journey maps for 20 products 

  • Creating UX research framework for the enterprise

  • Owning a website to host research method documents

  • Creating awarness about global privacy and human subject complicance during UX research activities


UX Community of Excellence

  • Steering committe member

  • Active part of the marketing and outrach and mentoring sub-committees

UX Learning Pathways

  • Curating resources that facilitate UX learning 


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Confidential information has been omitted.



Airport and Airspace Simulation Software

This research was presented at the Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC) conference hosted by IEEE in Memphis,USA. 

The challenge

Creating Usable Access

Independence isn't something that you should be fighting for, it should be a basic right. Unfortunately, the society that we live in now does not prioritise this.


Having lived with a disabled person for all my life, I have observed how simple day to day tasks can become unnecessarily difficult. These challenges are mainly driven by a lack of foresight and empathy while creating products.  

This led to this research about using technology to enable disabled people to lead a much more active and independent lifestyle.

My overarching goals for this project are to: 

1. Understand the challenges users with low vision face while navigating

2. Create solutions using technology as an enabler

3. Raise awareness about the importance of a barrier free environment.

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